Snow Warriors

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Not for the faint of heart, Snow Warriors is an outrageous, fun and challenging obstacle course-like event. Sprint from the start and traverse defiant terrain featuring mud, snow, fire and ice.


I’ve read enough!  I know I’m a Warrior.
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OK, so a true Snow Warrior jumps in with both feet and doesn’t bother with the questions.  But we realize some of you may still be in training; read on for more details:

  • Scramble through muddy, ice-cold water.
  • Navigate over walls, barricades and nets only to then crawl out of mudpits on the other side.
  • Monkey bar across burning fire pits
  • Brace for additional (shock-free!) surprises and obstacles while racing to the finish line where beer and other refreshments await those who can handle the challenge.


Little Snow Warrior Race:  

For aspiring Warriors and Warrior Princesses, join us in the Little Snow Warrior Dash!  A shorter and less defiant course comprised of Warrior-in-Training obstacles that will have Little Snow Warriors ready for more.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m a Warrior
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Snow Warriors Map 2014

2014 Snow Warrior Obstacle Map

Snow Warriors is also proudly sponsored by: TBA


A portion of the post-race snacks will be provided by: TBA