Get your groove on at Oregon WinterFest 2016

Mt Bachelor (2014)

The Mt. Bachelor Music Mainstage at Oregon WinterFest showcases some of the best musicians from across the country.

2016 Music TBA!

 2015 Music Schedule

Friday, February 13

Woebegone7:00pm: Woebegone

Woebegone is a new project of Larry & His Flask, led by vocalist and guitarist Ian Cook, and Kirk Skatvold, Dayne Wood and Andrew Carew. This is only the second time the group has played in Central Oregon after creating Woebegone during Larry & His Flask’s hiatus.





March Fourth Marching Band (M4 to its fans) is a kaleidoscope of musical and visual energy that inspires dancing in an atmosphere of celebration. M4 is “like Sergeant Pepper leading a freaky Cirque du Soleil performance from the bandstand or European Gypsy camps stumbling upon the rhythms of Brazilian jungle tribes,” said Phoenix New Times. Learn more here.


Saturday, February 14

ID87:00pm: The Autonomics

The Autonomics were born and bred in Bend, Oregon and are now based in Portland. The group, described as “Forrest-pop-revivalist-garage-post-punk-lo-fi-surf-ambiance or whatever” on their Twitter profile, will soon release their 2015 European tour schedule.




8:30pm: FILTERFilter_LIOE

Filter’s modus operandi since the release of their self-produced debut album, Short Bus, has been rough-around-the-edges production, lavish bass lines, and jagged guitars set to a backdrop of drum machines punctuated by the unfurling of Richard Patrick’s vocal prowess and signature roar. Patrick, Filter’s magnetic, profoundly intelligent nucleus and front man jubilantly admits that his creative process is unorthodox, whether he’s staring down and conquering new technology or coalescing with new bandmate and co-conspirator Jonny Radtke on Filter’s current release, The Sun Comes Out Tonight.

Their debut album, Short Bus, released in 1995, went platinum selling more than 1 million copies, largely due to the success of the band’s single “Hey Man Nice Shot.” Some of Filter’s other well-known tracks include “Take A Picture” from 1999 album Title of Record and “What Do You Say” from their current release. Learn more here.